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Our team is committed to providing top-notch reselling service to our partners, companies, clients, and customers. 

Last updated: May 10, 2024

This Privacy Policy explains how information about you is collected, used, and shared by Allott of (hereafter "Allott of Stuff," "our," "we," or "us"). This Privacy Policy applies to information we collect when you use our website, mobile applications, when you interact with us, and when you use other online services


We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make changes, we will notify you by revising the date at the top of this Privacy Policy and, in some cases, we may provide you with more prominent notice (such as adding a statement to our homepage or sending you an email notification). We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy whenever you access the Allott of to stay informed about our information practices and the ways you can help protect your privacy.

What personal data we collect and process?

We collect your personal data when you use our Services, create an account, provide us with information via a web form, add or update information in your user account, participate in online community discussions or otherwise interact with us. We also collect personal data from other sources (such as other Affiliates, credit agencies or bureaus, and data providers).

In total, we collect the following personal data:

Personal data you provide when using our Services or creating an account

  • Data that identifies you, such as your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, username or tax identification number that you provide when setting up your account or at a later date. 

  • If you use our Services as a seller, additional identification data, such as, government-issued ID (e.g. social security number), date of birth, tax identification numbers (such as VAT identification number), business registration numbers, identification documents and information contained on IDs, selfie photos, and other information (such as bank account number) that you provide when using our payment and other services as a seller.

  • Data regarding purchases, or sales that you provide in a transaction.

  • Financial information (e.g. credit card and account numbers, transaction details, and form of payment).

  • Shipping, billing, and other information you provide, as well as information required for customs clearance (such as tax identification numbers or other identification numbers) and relevant shipping information (such as shipment numbers and tracking information) if shipped through one of our programs.

  • In some cases: age, gender, country of birth, nationality, country of residence, employment status, family status, interests and preferences.

  • You may provide us with additional information through a web form or by updating or adding information to your account, by participating in community discussions, member chats, surveys, inquiries, dispute resolution, customer service calls recorded with your consent, or if you contact us for any other reason regarding our Services.

  • Other data that we are required or entitled by applicable law to collect and process and that we need for your authentication or identification, or for the verification of the data we collect.

Personal data we collect automatically when you use our Services or create an account

  • Data that is generated as part of one of your transactions (e.g. as relating to purchases, sales, fees) or that is linked to your account as a result of a transaction in which you are involved, such as transaction amounts, time and location of transactions and form of payment or payout method.

  • Data that is generated through your other actions when you use our Services and which is linked to your account (e.g. account numbers, your currency preference, when you place items in your shopping cart, place items on the watchlist, searches or interests, or seek to use the services of third-party partners for payments or otherwise).

  • Data regarding all other interactions with our Services, your advertising preferences, and your communications with us.

  • Location data, including your general location data (e.g. IP address) and, with your permission, the precise location data of your mobile device. Please note that for most mobile devices, you can manage or disable the use of precise location services for all applications in the settings menu of your mobile device.

  • Computer and connection information, such as statistics regarding your use of our Services, information on data traffic to and from websites, referral URL, information on advertisements, your IP address, your access times including accessed pages within our Services, your language settings and your weblog information.

Personal data we collect in connection with the use of cookies and similar technologies

We use cookies and similar technologies to collect data in connection with our Services. We collect this data from the devices (including mobile devices) with which you use our Services. The data collected includes the following usage- and device-related information:

  • Data about the pages you visit, the access time, frequency and duration of visits, the links on which you click and other actions you take as part of your use of our Services and in advertising and email content.

  • Data about your activities and interactions with our advertising partners including data about the advertisements you were shown, how often they were shown, when and where they were shown, and whether you took any action, such as clicking on an advertisement or making a purchase.

  • The user segment or category into which you as a user fall, for example: female, 20-49 years old, interested in sneakers.

  • Model or device type, operating system and version, browser type and settings, device ID or individual device identifier, advertisement ID, individual device token, and cookie-related data (e.g. cookie ID).

  • The IP address from which your device accesses our Services.

  • Location data, including your general location data (e.g. IP address) and, with your permission, the precise location data of your mobile device. Please note that most mobile devices allow you to manage or disable the use of precise location services for all applications in the settings menu.

For more information about our use of these technologies and your choices, see Cookies & similar technologies.

Personal data from other sources

We also collect personal data about you from other sources and from third parties to the extent permitted by applicable law. In particular, this includes the following data:

  • Data from public sources (e.g. public sanctions lists) or that is publicly available online

  • Data from credit agencies or bureaus (e.g. credit reports/checks, identity confirmation, data for risk modeling and setting of credit limits). For additional regional and state-specific information, please see section Regional and State Privacy Disclosures below

  • Data from data providers (e.g. "Know Your Customer"/identity verification, demographic, interest-based and online advertising related data)

  • With regard to our payment services for sellers: data from government or other sources concerning any previous convictions of the respective seller, to the extent permitted by applicable law

We combine or connect the personal data we collect from you with data from these other sources. Where personal data is disclosed to us by third parties, we take steps to ensure that these third parties are legally permitted to disclose your personal data to us. We also receive access to personal data about you from our Affiliates.

Social network data you share with us

  • We allow you to use providers of single sign-on services (such as Google, Facebook, or Apple) with whom you already have an account. You can determine the personal data that we can access when authorizing the connection with the single sign-on service.

  • We allow you to share personal data with social networks (such as Facebook) or to link your account to a social network. These social networks may automatically provide us with access to certain personal data they have stored about you (e.g. content you have viewed or enjoyed, information about the advertisements you have been shown or clicked on, etc.). You can determine the personal data that we can access through the privacy settings of each social network.

  • We may also use plug-ins or other technologies from various social networks. If you click on a link displayed through a social network plug-in, you voluntarily connect to that social network.

Our partners Privacy Policies. 

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