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So what is Allott Of Stuff?


Allott Of Stuff is a unique type of store for everything you don't need anymore. We also help small businesses and individual clients connect their products and second hand goods to the world. We utilize online shopping platforms like Google, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Offer Up to connect your products to customers in all the 50 United States, all U.S. Territories. 

Our Vision!

You always have stuff just lying around collecting dust and taking up space. Every day more and more stuff shows up at your home and business taking up more space. So we throw most of it away! Into the garbage, then on to the landfill. What a waste! We want to change all that with a new type of store. Where everything you no longer want or use can be dropped off for instant cash, consigned for a percentage of the final sale value, or recycled to become new merchandise.


Imagine for a second that you could drop off the box and packaging for products you just bought to be reused or recycled. That same store would also take all the stuff you no longer use to sell on consignment, then pay you. A one stop shop that you can also buy stuff from others helping to save you money and to make others money at the same time. 

Our Clients!
Our clients consist of people like you and me! We help you with cleaning out all that extra stuff you are no longer using, and sell it to those looking to save some money on things they may need. Clutter can be items we received as gifts that we didn't really want or need. Items we have replaced for newer models or barely used, can still be just as good as new to customers shopping to save money. Estates are sometimes a large problem for working or distant families. Having a business to do all the work of removing and selling estates is a big help in some scenarios. Yard & Garage sales help some to clean out the clutter but it's never all sold. Plus it can takes up your whole weekend, rain or shine, and are you really pricing items to their value?

Broken, damaged and items that ca
nnot be sold are recycled. We are always looking for new ways to recycle items that we cannot home or sell. So if you are in need of basic materials for you business or art please contact us on our Recycling page.

Our Mission!


One way to help cut the waste of shipping materials is to Reuse and Recycle them as many times as possible. We take used Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, Card Board Boxes, Styrofoam & Packing Air Pillows. Most of these materials are only used once and then thrown in the landfills. You can help Reduce this waste by donating all your shipping materials you receive in the mail, for the reuse in packaging items we sell.


We can recycle  Aluminum, Steel, Copper and other metals gathered from parts, repairs, and refurbishments for Recycling. 

We also try to clean and restore antiques & collectibles reusing the items of the past we can resell them for clients. 

Attic Storage Allott of Stuff
Clean Attic Allott of Stuff
Dirty Garage Allott of Stuff
Clean Basement Allott of Stuff
Styrofoam Allott of Stuff
Bubble Wrap Allott of Stuff
Packing Peanuts Allott of Stuff
Airpillow Allott of Stuff
Cardboard Boxes Allott of Stuff

How Did We Start?

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My Name is Matthew and I have been selling on eBay Inc. since March of 2003. Buying items from antique stores, yard sales, flea markets and second hand stores, then selling them online for a small profit. I then started selling items for friends and family on a consignment basis helping them with a little extra cash for holidays and summer vacations. 

A lot of individual items, and some small allotments of new merchandise, Allott of Stuff was created. At first just a unique user name for an online marketplace then a website for local individuals to sell their extra stuff online that is just taking up space, and don't have time or knowledge to sell it themselves.

In April of 2020 word of month of my eBay consignment sent me more clients with the same issue. All this stuff that I don't want or need would be great for someone else to use, and I could sure us the space! So I started taking on more and more clients and eventually coming up with a business instead of a hobby. 

On consignment all you have to do is box up what you no longer want, and we sell it for you. We take care of all the advertising, listing fees, product research, customers, claims and shipping with the United States Postal Service, FedEx and UPS. We can ship just about anything, anywhere! Plus you don't have to package anything, because we take care of all of that too. 

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Let’s Work Together

How can we help you? Buy, Sell, Consignment or Recycling let's change the world together.

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